Requirements of Pennsylvania Car Insurance and why you must have it

Pennsylvania Car InsuranceVirtue, liberty, and independence define Pennsylvania, a state known for being at the center of American history and culture.  With more than 12 million residents, Pennsylvania is an amazing mash of populated urban centers and vast stretches of rural and mountain landscapes.  In addition to its 12 million residents, the state has around 8 million licensed drivers.

Each and everyone of these licensed drivers is required by law to have Pennsylvania car insurance.  Let’s take a moment to carefully consider the topic of Pennsylvania car insurance, as well as what you should consider if this is your first time getting car insurance.

Car Insurance Is Required

In the state of Pennsylvania, car insurance is a requirement that every licensed driver have if they want to legally drive.  This insurance is typically provided by private car insurance agencies like, both state and nationwide.  For a select few who can afford it, there is the option of privately covering your own car insurance.  This typically requires creating an account with the DMV who will hold a certain amount of money aside.

Minimum Requirements

There are minimum requirements that every person must have in their car insurance.  This includes Medical Benefit Coverage, Bodily Injury Liability, and Property Damage Liability.  Benefit Coverage is $5,000 that covers your medical bills and the other driver’s medical bills regardless of who is at fault.  The Property Damage Liability covers u to $5,000 worth of damage done to someone’s property if you are at fault.  Finally, there is Bodily Injury Coverage that includes $15,000 for injury of 1 person and $30,000 for injury of everyone involved.

Expanding Minimum Coverage

It is highly recommended by insurance agencies as well as the state of Pennsylvania to extend beyond the minimum amount of coverage required by law.  This is because the vast majority of collision and comprehensive is not covered if there is damage to your vehicle and no person to hold accountable.  In addition, many people choose to get uninsured driver insurance incase the person who hits them does not have insurance.

The Purpose Of Car Insurance

Simply put Pennsylvania car insurance exists to ensure that every person can be financially responsible for themselves in case they are at fault with their vehicle.  In addition, car insurance acts as a form of peace of mind, helping to ease fears regarding an unpredictable future that cannot always be successfully avoided.

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